Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Xeno's Blacked up and Rules

I've bought/aquired quite a few sets of Sci-Fi rules over the last few months including Future War Commander, Alien Squad Leader, Hammer's Slammers The Cruicible, Tomorrow's War, Stargrunt, Dirtside etc. So far I've only given Future War Commander and Alien Squad Leader a good read through. FWC whilst a good set of rules wasn't really what I'm looking for. ASL seems to tick all the right boxes after a read through, so I think I'll base my armies around their army lists, mainly because they're more of a fun set of 'hollywood' style lists.
The Alien Squad Leader rules can be found here (http://www.15mm.co.uk/) .

For the Xenos I'll be using the Hive Mind list, which is really more for the 'Starship Trooper' style Bugs but will work fine. I'm going to build the armies to 200pts. which for the Xeno's will be...

16 x Warriors (The young Xenos) - fighters @5pts = 80pts
16 x Armoured Warriors (The Bigger Xenos) - beasts @6pts = 96pts
1 x Gigabeetle (The Queen) - Monstrous Creature @10pts = 10pts
3 x Spitting Bugs (Going to use the face huggers/eggs combo) shooter @5pts = 15pts

That's 201pts total.

The Xeno Reinforcements got blacked up today.
There's enough for 10 stands, so next show I'm going to have to get another 18 figures.


  1. just love the dog aliens,going to look so good

  2. Some fantastic work here Steve. Have you looked at the Gruntz rules?